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Savages 2012 English.DVDRip Torrent Download

Savages (2012)

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Savages torrent

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Year: 2012
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Director: Oliver Stone
Starring: Blake Lively, Taylor Kitsch, Aaron Taylor-Johnson

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Can producers Ben and Chon face off against the Mexican drug cartel who stole their common friend.
Oliver Stone is one of my favorite directors, and I think his best creative period during the 90s, when he made memorable films such as Natural Born Killers, JFK and doors. In these films, Stone saturates our senses, and hypnotizes us with intense stories imposing force. His latest film, Savage is not nearly at his best, but I found it funny and worthy recommendation.Savages moderate sweating noir story with modest aspirations, and little interest in conveying a social message, or satire situations displayed. Of course, I would prefer something deep love born on the fourth of July, and on top as Any Given Sunday ... but in any case, Savage was able to keep me amused, especially since the stones exuberant style and feverish. I must also say that the game should not be taken as a realistic story though because it has to do with the brutal effects of Narc-wars, do not pretend to be a hippie version of the traffic, but stylized psychedelic story with too many coincidences and dramatic affectations, to take seriously. The arena good heroes, but they are just less damage than the bad guys, and their fate is driven only whims scenario, as we can see in the final pairs that looks like a bad joke.However, I believe that most poor Selvaggi Blake Livelys poor performance. She does not show emotion honest, so that it is not credible at all, and she did not stimulate interest in her character. Fortunately, the rest of the cast does a good job. Benicio Del Toro is very scary as a killer Lado, because of all the evil he is able to communicate only with his eyes. John Travolta is perfect as D.E.A. corrupt agent who is unable to control the situation he created. I liked surprises Taylor Kitschs performance, before never swallowed this actor, but his work on Savages is solid, and also has good chemistry with Aaron Johnson.Going back negative elements from Savage, the script has some problems logic and structure (this movie based on the novel, so that the reason for these problems may be due to an overly condensed and superficial adjustments). However, I think the film Savage competent, and I can recommend is moderate mainly due to the direction of the Stones and the performance (with the exception Livelys).

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